About Me

Hello there! Welcome to my blog. I’m Shreya, and this is my baby girl Jeshna. We’re so happy that you have stumbled upon our little space on the internet.

About Me

Born in the United States, I spent my early childhood years in the sunny state of California before jet-setting halfway across the world, to live in India. This move allowed me, as an American-born desi to connect with my native roots and discover my Indian heritage at a young age. I returned to the States as a young adult, graduated from University and began my career in New York shortly thereafter. Very soon, I began to excel at my profession, and built up an identity of my own. I was comfortable and happy, but at times, I still longed for the colorful, chaotic hustle and bustle that is India. In 2011, I gave up my job and my independent lifestyle, and moved back to India for good. Marriage and the decision to start a family came later. 

My life has been all about straddling two different continents, and continually immersing myself in their vastly different cultures. Through my travels, I have had very varied exposure to people, places, languages and traditions. I feel truly blessed for these experiences that have shaped my outlook on life. For my child, I want the same. I want to be able to instill in her strong values and culture, and would love for her to experience the best of both the East and the West. To me, it is important that she grows up with the understanding that there is a vast world to discover that extends beyond our lovely home environment in which she currently lives. 

Becoming a mother has given me a sense of empowerment unlike anything else. Like many other first-time moms, I too faced numerous challenges in the early days of motherhood. My daughter is now two-years old, and getting to this point in our lives has been an incredible journey. I struggled and triumphed along the way, but throughout, I always found it interesting, insightful and comforting to talk to other mothers and hear their stories.

MomLife is my personal endeavor to help new moms transition into motherhood easily. It is where I share my own experiences in raising my child, some tips and heartfelt words of advice. My perspective on child-rearing is as varied as my own upbringing has been, and you will find hints of that throughout this blog. I hope that my writing will inspire and encourage you to lead the best mom life that you possibly can!